Sudbury letter: Frustrated with arena


I attended the Sudbury Wolves game on Sunday. I parked on Grey Street on a across from the Townehouse, on a non-business day.

With little traffic in the area, my vehicle, which did not obstruct anyone or anything, was complemented with a $25 parking ticket by a city bylaw officer.

The old arguments: accessibility, availability, closeness to the venue, will never be addressed by keeping the arena in its present location.

Sour grapes, sure, but as a 25-year plus season ticket holder of our Wolves, I have followed the debate of a new arena closely. I, like many season ticket holders on game day, drive to the venue, do not eat or go shopping downtown; remember, most games are evening and therefore not conducive for those activities.

It is a pain getting in and out there, and finding suitable parking. The new venue being proposed, with easy parking and access, modern facilities with a restaurant and all the other positive amenities that will be part of the complex, makes it mandatory that it needs to be away from its present location were there is no space to accomplish this.

The new group has the land availability in an area where all of this can be corrected with limited cost to the taxpayer.

Julio Navarro