Site Plan


The TRUE NORTH STRONG proposal envisions a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose, world class, sports, entertainment & convention complex, we are calling “The True North Strong Centre”.

It will be surrounded by a mixed use sports, entertainment, retail and commercial district development destination.

This 6000 seat venue will anchor a public festival square and retail festival promenade as well as future retail and commercial development that is a game changer for the hub of the north. This venue will support a growing economic driver in tourism and hospitality catering to new revenue sources previously unavailable in our region.

The TRUE NORTH STRONG proposal creates a vibrant new Entertainment Community focal point, in the great collection of communities we call Greater Sudbury.

Our Vision

TRUE NORTH STRONG! It’s more than a brand or an idea. It’s a mindset. A way of life. TRUE NORTH STRONG is the DNA of our Sudbury and the inspiration behind the vision for a Greater Sudbury in 2025.

All great vision requires energy to get it launched, and momentum to keep in going. The True North Strong proposal is THE RIGHT IDEA and will be that energy.

This Project is THE BEST OPPORTUNITY. Quickest off the mark and without design compromise, it will drive the best economic return for the community.

IT’S OUR TIME! This project will be the catalyst to ignite our vision for the Sudbury we all want, the Sudbury we all see. A touchstone for what GREATER SUDBURY can truly be.

The Right Idea

Best Location

State Of The Art

A Broader Vision

The Best Opportunity

Best Economics

Drive Economic Growth

Best Team / Local Partners

It’s our time

Attract World Class

Events / Talent / Players / People

The Venue & Entertainment Experience GREATER SUDBURY Deserves


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